Thursday, August 30, 2012

Is this real life?

Some thing about this law school experience has so far been surreal. I keep expecting to go back to my 'real life,' take my 'real classes' and go back to my 'real apartment.' It feels like I'm on vacation or some kind of law school trial run. Every time I whip out my Torts book (and it only happens with Torts for some reason), I just cannot believe that I am in law school. I don't know how big any of you were on the 'admitted students day' scene, but this first week has sort of felt like an extended version of that. Like I'm visiting and that the law school has been kind enough to let me test out a few classes. Still, there's no way I could actually be attending. At any given moment, I feel like I'm going to give my books back to their real owners and go back to my Spanish, English, and assorted International Relations classes.

I know this is just a symptom of all the change that's been going on lately. I also know that sooner or later I'm going to come to realize that this is in fact, real life, and what I have signed up for for the next three years. Still, it's been a very surreal experience. Maybe part of that is because I'm tired most of the time. Who really knows?

This Labor Day weekend, I'm heading back home to buy some last-minute furniture for my apartment and to finish packing things in boxes so I can make my big, official move out west. Anyone else got any big plans? Hope everyone has a fantastic and deservedly relaxing weekend!

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