Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fourth week

So tomorrow starts the fourth week of law school, and I'm just now starting to get into a routine. I mean, I still have no idea what study methods work best for me or how best to approach case reading (I know, shouldn't I have learned this kind of stuff in high school?) but I'm starting to get good at making coffee in the mornings, packing lunch, and staying on top of household chores. I ended up getting sick this week (of course) so each day felt painfully long, despite the fact that, with all the medicine I was taking, I was only half-there. I didn't stay after school to study, and I didn't stay to chat with people. I just came home to take more DayQuil and sleep. Law school is a horrible, horrible time to get sick. I had to force myself to do just enough work not to fall behind which was good since Thursday was my first ever on-call day! (And I got the questions right!). My 9-hours-of-sleep regimen seemed to work since I'm finally feeling better!

Which brings us to now, the beginning of the fourth week. Work is still there and people are already beginning to compile outlines and annotate study guides . . . There is a definite divide in my classes about this. Some people like to be on the ball about it, and others feel that, since we don't really know how to outline or compile things yet, it's a bit precocious. I'm neutral about it, and while I have yet to buy supplements (which I probably will this week), and start compiling my notes, I am reviewing broad ideas. AND there's still been time for fun! Not during my sick week but this past Saturday, one of my best friends from undergrad came up to visit and we were able to go out to eat at some delicious places and assemble IKEA furniture. It's the little things that make the week more bearable.

Lastly, I've finally revived my camera so I hope to be updating with pictures soon!

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