Wednesday, August 29, 2012

'It' List

As I get ready to decorate the first place that is actually mine, I'm coming to find out quite a few things about myself. The first is that I have the most BORING taste in dishes EVER. We're talking plain white dishes and simple glasses. On the other hand, I've also discovered that I'm drawn to some pretty cool placemats. Now to just decide on one and order it in!

I've also learned that I'm obsessed with chevrons. In prints, pillows, rugs, WHEREVER. I just cannot get enough. I also am quite taken with this sofa right here:

IKEA named it EKTORP, and it's simple shape paired with those purple flowers are just too much. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it, but went back the other day to buy it only to discover that it is sold out everyone in Texas AND that the distribution center is also sold out so no sofa for me for another 2-3 weeks :(

I picked up a new bottle of nail polish sort of to ring in the new school year and I have fallen in love with the color. I've always been into taupe but could never find just the right shade but I think this is it!

Finally, this nifty little thing has been my constant companion through the first few days of law school. It's caffeinated, which is a huge plus, but it isn't as heavy as black coffee, AND it's as refreshing as it's name would leave you to believe.
 So what's big in your lives? Any recommendations for furniture/decorations/beverages?

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